Walking routes/ Running routes

All together, posts which feature walking routes or running routes I've come up with. These are generally around Glasgow where I make these up to avoid the monotony of running the same roads when I'm jogging.

March 2020  - Running across Scotland coast to coast. Largs to St Andrews

Feb 2016 - Ruchill, Cadder, Lambhill and Possilpark tour

Nov 2014 - An 11 mile walk/ run around Glasgow murals

Aug 2014 - A run around Glasgow's old Police boxes

Apr 2014 - Glasgow Firefighters' Heritage Trail

May 2014 - Ben Ledi Hill Race

Nov 2014 - 11 mile route around Glasgow murals and street art

Jan 2014 - 19km route around bowling greens in the west of Glasgow

Dec 2013 - Walk around Kilmarnock

Mar 2015 - A Gorbals History Tour

Sep 2013 - Walk around Maryhill, with some "Then and Now" photos

Sep 2013 - 20km route around some of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games venues

Sep 2013 - 22km route around the remaining Glasgow Commonwealth Games venues

Sep 2013 - A walk with my kids around ye olde Paisley

Jun 2013 - 15km route around historical points of interest for science in Glasgow

May 2013 - 21km route around the Glasgow of Benny Lynch, the boxer

Feb 2013 - 10km route around the history of Renfrew

Nov 2012 - 13km route around all the sites of Partick Thistle's old grounds, Glasgow

Sep 2012 - 9 miles/ 15km route around north Glasgow Junior football grounds

Aug 2012 - 21km route around all the senior football grounds in Glasgow

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