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I started running a couple of years ago to get a bit fitter and lose a bit of weight basically. When I was young my dad ran a lot of marathons so I guess that was my inspiration, although I don't think I've the patience so that so I'll stick to 10K, the odd half-marathon and trail runs to break up the monotony. I have had Type 1 diabetes for over 25 years so it takes a bit of faffing about sometimes to keep my blood sugars stable but my running is, I imagine, as mundane as anyone else's running. However, as I get bored going round the same streets of Glasgow again and again I occasionally have to devise wee themed routes around the streets of my fair city to keep up my interest, especially on the longer runs. So here are a few that I've devised, plus some other sporting blogs (eg Partick Thistle).

Jun 2017 - Sporting Statues of Glasgow and the West of Scotland

May 2016 - Glasgow Spectator Sports Part 6. Boxing

May 2016 - Glasgow spectator sports, an overview

Apr 2016 - Spectator Sports in Glasgow Part 5. Football

Apr 2016 - Spectator Sports in Glasgow Part 4. Rugby

Apr 2016 - Spectator Sports in Glasgow Part 3. Glasgow Rocks Basketball

Apr 2016 - Spectator Sports in Glasgow Part 2. Greyhound Racing and Speedway

Mar 2016 - Spectator Sports in Glasgow Part 1. Braehead Clan Ice Hockey

July 2015 - Football in Greenland

May 2015 - My Family's Football Connections in Kilmarnock

Aug 2014 - Glasgow Commonwealth Games

July 2014 - Greek Football Teams of Thessaloniki

May 2014 - Ben Ledi Hill Race

Mar 2014 - Playing Football In Glasgow of the 1970s and 80s

Jan 2014 - 19km Route Around Bowling Greens in the West End of Glasgow

Sept 2013 - A 22km Route Around the Other Commonwealth Games Venues: Part 2

Sept 2013 - A 20km Route Around the Commonwealth Games Venues: Part 1

August 2013 - Visit Paisley. St Mirren 1-2 Partick Thistle

July 2013 - Cycling , The Obree Way

July 2013 - Partick Thistle, Panini Sticker Album 1996

June 2013 - 15km Route Around the History of Glasgow Science

May 2013 - 21km Run Around The Life of Benny Lynch

Apr 2013 - Partick Thistle - Championeees!

Apr 2013 - Partick Thistle Early Grounds

Mar 2013 - Football History, Review of Two Glasgow Exhibitions

Feb 2013 - 10km Run Around Renfrew's History

Nov 2012 - 13km Run Around Partick Thistle's Early Grounds

Oct 2012 - Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome

Sept 2012 - 15km Run Around Some Glasgow Juniors Clubs

Aug 2012 - 13 mile Run Around All Glasgow's Senior Football Clubs

Jul 2012 - Olympic Football, Hampden Park, Glasgow

Apr 2012 - Edinburgh Kilomathon

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