Geography Posts

Aug 2015 - Greenland. The Frontline in Global Warming

Mar 2015 - A Gorbals Tour

Nov 2014 - A Walk Through Historic Partick

Dec 2013 - Visit Kilmarnock. Kilmarnock 2-1 Partick Thistle

Sep 2013 - Dostoyevsky and St Petersburg

Sep 2013 - A Walk Through the History of Maryhill

Aug 2013 - Visit Paisley. St Mirren 1-2 Partick Thistle

June 2013 - Points of Interest in the History of Science in Glasgow

Apr 2013 - Partick Thistle Early Grounds

Dec 2102 - National Museum of Flight. National Mining Museum

Sept 2012 - 15km Run Around Some Glasgow Juniors Clubs

Aug 2012 - 13 mile Run Around All Glasgow's Senior Football Clubs

Jul 2012 - Secret Bunker, Fife and Touristy Trips to Edinburgh

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  1. As a Scotsman living in Shanghai this is a fantastic find. I will be back some day and have a lot of catching up to do
    Many Thanks


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