Monday, 28 May 2012

Still Summertime in Glasgow

After a winter that lasted 6 months, Glasgow is STILL enjoying summer, which has now officially entered its second week, although there are rumours that tomorrow it will start to get cooler and drizzly for the rest of the week. Tonnes of naked flesh were on display in all parks of the city over the weekend as people stared at disbelief at the "big, round bright thing" in the sky.

Today, Monday, was again a glorious day, although I was at work today, but earlier this morning went for a quick run along the Clydeside, which was mostly spent smiling at the fantastic vista of an early morning clear sky, waters as still as glass and reflections around the PS WaverleyScience Centre and BBC building gave me an excuse to stop to take a few snaps as proof to people in other parts of the world that the west of Scotland is in fact a sun-drenched tropical paradise....for a few days each couple of years.

No camera trickery was used or silly Instagram filters on taking these snaps with my phone.

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