Friday, 18 May 2012

The Cobbler

If you are not in Glasgow at present, you may be unaware that global warming has caused the west of Scotland to have the micro-climate of a wet winter weekend in 365 days per year now. I had a few days off work last week and wet to the top of The Cobbler. Normally as it is the middle of May, I'd now be boring you with endless photos of the glorious view from up there, but as the temperature barley got above 5 degrees, there was snow on the top and most of the walk was done in a fine drizzle, only a brief lifting of the cloud once we were at the top gave us a peak at the surrounding countryside. I was feeling a bit brave at the top and clambered through the hole in the rock at the summit to try to get up top. I was of course forgetting that my hands were bloody freezing at this point, the rockface wet and cold and I came to understand that I am no longer 17 years old, the age I think I was last time I tried to dance about on top of the summit. Don't think I'll bother doing that again.

It was the first time that my dad had been up The Cobbler, which he enjoyed, but tell him he'll need to do it again when there are thousands of people milling about on a sunny weekend day and you can see for miles. Tell him...
Ben Arthur, The Cobbler from the path up

Nearer the summit of The Cobbler

Snow on Ben Ime from the top of The Cobbler

Loch Long from The Cobbler

The summit at The Cobbler, Ben Arthur

Summit of The Cobbler

The hole in the rock at the summit you clamber
through to get up on top from behind

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